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The LIVERUR project: an extremely innovative business model

LIVERUR is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to expand an extremely innovative business model called Living Labs among rural regions.

Living Laboratories are ecosystems of open innovation, centred on the user, which often operate in a territorial context encouraging a more sustainable mobilization of resources, better cooperation between operators along the value chain leading to new services. In addition, Living Labs integrate research and innovation processes within a public-private partnership.

The project is orientated to support a sustainable regional and rural development, driven by co-operation, integration and innovation. The basis for the strategic development of a rural Living Lab is to establish an association of sustainable stakeholders; users, policy makers, businesses and researchers enter into agreements on the basis of which they can participate in a longer-term collaboration.

LIVERUR is well aware of the connectivity problem that might be present in the rural areas and it intends to overcome these barriers by the means of structural technical analysis performed jointly with the local connection provider. LIVERUR’s short-term objective is to improve knowledge of business models that grow in rural areas, including the understanding of their potential. In the long term, the project will increase the potential for rural economic diversification.

LIVERUR project’s ambition is also to build a platform for rural communities at local and territorial level: moving from a linear to a more circular economy for new business models (value-supply chains), new modes of consumer behaviour and new solutions for turning “rural” waste into resources managed in an efficient way, also alternative financing and alternative or cashless payments, such as products of blockchain technologies.

By fostering job creation and innovation in rural areas especially in the context of circular economy, LIVERUR prevents from labour delocalisation and internal migration thus contributing to rural resilience to global economic and climate changes and social inclusiveness. Moreover, naturally the use of local food chain valorises local food production enabling the conservation and proliferation of local resilient genetic material.

You can find more information about the project LIVERUR here