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What is RAIN Platform?

The platform is conceived for entrepreneurs and is here to act as an incubator, where target entrepreneurs can find useful resources for evaluating business models and obtain advice, co-design successful business models, funding solutions, experts counselling and legal feedback.

RAIN platform is here to be a point of contact for entrepreneurs and stakeholders involved in circular economy adapted to rural context, and living lab concept as an approach to rural and regional development.

The opportunities that RAIN platform offers go from tools for new products and services development and implementation at European, national, regional level, to impulse proposals or cooperations between the concerned stake- and shareholders in order to create new or to improve existing value-chains supporting the long-life learning and the long-lasting cooperation between rural communities and R&D institutions regarding the diverse challenges they can face together.

The RAIN platform offers multi-stakeholder collaboration from design to the market; observing, capitalising and sharing data on material flows and waste; promoting the use of recyclable materials, sorting within public procurement; and deploying operational tools aimed at businesses. RAIN Platform can support preparation and adoption of a roadmap towards a circular economy which outlines the proposed actions to be taken.

Indeed, the platform acts as a stock-exchange of opportunities aiming to offers always ideas, suggestions, exchange of experience and even more creation of common understanding regarding a problem, a law, a new suitable market, a foreseen service, enabling different interested or concerned subjects to pool their own ideas.

What can you find on the RAIN platform?

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