Knowledge sharing

Our goal is to strengthen the rural economy through innovation, collaboration, education and knowledge exchange. If you are an entrepreneur or policy-maker, this website can orient you to relevant science, best practices and other resources related to living labs in rural areas.

Gender gap​

Some sources are here to offer practical guidance to business in promoting gender equality and non-discrimination, closing pay gaps and how can help promotion and progress. 


In this section you will find webinars and other resources that will help you to design a strategy to bring your business abroad. You will find the necessary knowledge to guide the expansion of your business and evaluate possible new markets and products to establish an internationalization.


We provide useful links to material and resources to explain how digitalization can unlock market opportunities enabled by new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain or robotics. Here also you can get examples of technology-enabled innovations developed by successful companies, roadmaps for navigating market opportunities or how industry 4.0 can help your business.

Support for business

Here you will find useful advice for supporting your business. Tips and tools are provided to make you and your business more knowledgeable, more productive and more efficient. For instance, you will find resources to help your working remotely and what adjustments need to be made to help employees stay connected and productive or to develop a successful culture in your company, etc.


If you want to address Sustainable Management in your company, here you will find practical and lively training session with tools and techniques. These resources will show you how to prepare sustainability reports, improve energy efficiency or learn more about green design.

To get access to these resources, you should be registered and go to the Open Learning section.