Toolbox: Explore, select and co-create!

This toolbox is a collection of tools to help setting pilot living labs, but it can also be useful to help the users of the living labs when developing their projects. Like any other toolbox, there are many tools. You can choose which tool or tools to use according to your needs and goals.

The toolbox was inspired by good practices from other contexts. It comprises ready to use tools that you can easily put into practice. The vast majority of these tools are not original and have been imported from other toolboxes. They have all been widely tried and tested, proving their usefulness and simplicity.

This toolbox was created specifically for LIVERUR. Therefore, it is guided by the project’s philosophy and it is based on the main theoretical principles of Living Labs, namely the Harmonization Cube.

Living Labs are open innovation ecosystems based on a user-centered approach, co-creation, applied research and pilot-testing. Consequently, this toolbox is also influenced by the common elements and the most relevant aspects to consider in the development of living labs.

Finally, it is strongly built around the new business model that has been structured along the project. The next video shows an introduction of the toolbox.

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